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Spot-On Signs & Graphics introduces “green” signs!

What do we mean by “green signage”?

Defining what is or is not “green” is somewhat of a moving target – it means different things to different people and it changes as we learn more. However, when you boil it down “green” is, at its core, about efficiency in how we use our resources; fewer raw materials used, less energy and natural resources used, less waste, and more waste repurposed all add up to less impact on our environment. The other part of the “green” equation is reducing the use of harmful chemicals and using renewable resources.

Green signage begins with the manufacturers of supplies used by the sign industry. Sign supply manufacturers are answering the call to produce their products using environmentally sound processes and developing products without harmful chemicals.

At Spot-On Signs & Graphics we start with our ENERGY STAR® HP L25500 printer that uses Latex inks. We seek out the manufacturers and the products that minimize adverse environmental impact. While still somewhat challenging, we look for products “Made in America” and distributors as close to home as possible.

The videos and links below have information on some of our vendors and / or their products that demonstrate their efforts towards providing greener sign-making materials. Throughout the information below about “green” products we offer you will see certifications like SGP, GREENGAURD, FSC, and many others. Not all “green” certifications are created equal. Spot-On Signs & Graphics looks for the certifications that mean the most, the ones that have high standards and close oversight or monitoring. Many of these products can be used toward LEED points if that’s what you’re looking for.

Our Printer

Spot-On Signs & Graphics has the HP L2550 printer that uses solvent-free latex ink – a water-based ink. The 60-inch wide printer produces vivid, high-quality prints in virtually any length. The printer has the ENERGY STAR® rating demonstrating compliance to strict energy-efficient standards. HP has a recycling program for the ink cartridges and their recyclable print-media.

Recyclable Media

There are several new print media products on the market. We offer HDPE Reinforced banner material that is recyclable through HP’s recycling program – zero landfill impact! PVC-free wallpaper meets the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for low emitting products and AgBB criteria for low VOC emissions indoors. We have recyclable textile banner materials that are Oeko-Tex Certified which ensures there are no harmful substances in them. Five different recyclable poster papers are either FSC or PEFC Certified which means they are produced in a forest-friendly manner.

Green Substrates

There are several new Green substrate alternatives. Corrugated cardboards, biodegradable foam, and an exciting new product called MICROSTRATE™ that’s made from recycled ink cartridges and computer parts to replace PVC and aluminum.
Watch this video to see how it's made or visit Image Microsystems website to learn more.

Check out the PDFs below for some of the eco-friendly products we offer.

It seems that almost daily new environmentally friendly products are becoming available to the sign industry. At Spot-On Signs & Graphics we are always looking for responsible and affordable alternatives to traditional print media. Our HP latex printer allows us to print on these environmentally friendly medias that traditional solvent printers simply can’t touch.

Spot-On Signs & Graphics offers many environmentally sustainable alternatives. Substrates that are biodegradable, recyclable or products made with post-consumer waste. All help to minimize our environmental impact.

Consider solar lighting for your illuminated sign. These are self-contained power plants great for remote signage as the energy is stored in batteries and provide bright white light – they are immune to power failures, brown-outs, or electrical switch gear break-down. Solar lighting installs in most locations without costly wiring and grid connections.

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