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4 Tips to Design a Logo that Lasts

Branding is an important aspect of your marketing efforts that will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s the piece that ties together all of your marketing tactics so that they have the right look and feel, and so that somebody immediately sees your promotional pieces and knows that it’s coming from your brand. 

One of the most important parts of your branding that you’ll want to perfect is your logo. It’s one of the first things somebody will see and associate with your brand, which is why it’s so important to be memorable. Check out these tips to ensure your logo is memorable and impactful for years to come.


1. Remember Simplicity Matters

If you’ve ever seen a logo and wondered what it was supposed to mean, the company likely missed the mark. For example, consider Nike’s  simple swish which has become a memorable national symbol. McDonalds has thousands of locations that are all recognizable by the golden arches. FedEx snuck a simple arrow into their name as their logo, using two different colors. Some of the biggest, most memorable brands chose simple logos that have stood the test of time. While you may be tempted to sneak in complex meanings, remember you need a logo that everybody will understand.


2. Tell a Story with Colors

Whether you’ve ever realized it or not, brands choose specific colors to evoke certain feelings when you see their branding and logos. The colors that you choose for your logo matter. For example, if your business is a heavy customer-service focused business, you may choose a shade of blue which can signify trustworthiness. If you’re an energetic and powerful company, you may choose a shade of red. Consider what feelings the colors you choose evoke instead of simply choosing colors that you like. 


3. Make It Work in Multiple Formats

What may look good on one format will differ on another. Consider where you might see a logo. The logo will go on signage outside of your building, on direct mail pieces, your website, swag, email marketing messages and more. While your logo should remain consistent, it is okay to make different versions. For example, maybe your logo has a version with your company’s name underneath it and a version where you can leave that off for tighter spaces that will already have the company’s name on it, like an email marketing campaign.


4. Do Your Research

A logo should be unique to your company, which is why it’s important to do your research. See what competitors in your industry are using. Use your research to spark ideas, but remember that your logo should stand out above the rest. Consider the colors your competitors are using, the imagery and the symbolism of their logos. You’ll want to differentiate your logo from your competitors, and try to elevate your ideas. Research on your industry and competitors can be a great place to start your logo-designing process. 


Designing a logo can be daunting, because it’s a piece of your branding that should stand the test of time. However, these tips can help set you up for success. Consider what your competitors are doing for inspiration, keep it simple, intentionally choose your colors and make sure your logo will work in every format. With a logo that lasts, you’re setting up your branding for success! 

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